FV Knife Gate Valve

Designed to fit customer application requirements. Configured to line size, line pressure, process compatibility and installation orientation.


Class 150, ANSI 150 & ANSI 300 Designs thru 740 cwp.

  • Standard body material Carbon Steel, available in stainless steel and others
  • Full face flange design/Raised Face or Flat Face flange options/Tapped Flanges
  • Seat options / Unidirectional or Bidirectional/ Field replaceable
  • Removeable seat configurations are unique in this valve with the capability of interchangeability.
  • Bonnetless Construction as standard
  • Gate is designed to offer a laminar flow through the valve which reduces turbulence and erosion
  • Pump Isolation
  • Hydrotransport
  • Water injection to Slurry
  • Froth
  • Bird Product and Bird Tails
  • Middlings
  • Fine Slurry or Coarse Slurry
  • Tailings

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