FV Knife Gate Valve

The gate is designed to offer a laminar flow through the valve which reduces turbulence and erosion in modulating applications.


A removable modulation insert is provided for throttling services which offers a smooth flow pattern through the valve, further protecting the valve seat area and downstream piping from erosive turbulent conditions.


Class 150 (150 cwp), ANSI 150# (285 cwp) & ANSI 300# (740 cwp) fabricated body designs available in carbon steel or stainless construction
  • A Full port design is offered as standard with the flexibility in meeting customer Pipe I.D. specifications
  • Removable seating configurations are unique in this valve
  • Dual Seat option available
  • Full Port Gate in Double Block and Bleed and Isolation Types
  • Pump Isolation
  • Hydrotransport
  • Water injection to Slurry
  • Froth
  • Bird Product and Bird Tails
  • Middlings
  • Fine Slurry or Coarse Slurry
  • Tailings

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