EN-Series Pinch Valve

The RHINOFLEX EN-Series is a compact, rugged and robust Pinch Valve. These valves are reliable and maintenance free, and are engineered and designed for highly abrasive and aggressive slurry applications. The Series has a simple yet trustworthy design, consisting of two pinch bars that open and close the Elastomer Sleeve

The field replaceable sleeve is the ONLY wetted part which is reinforced and fabricated using high quality elastomer materials, and provides for smooth operation with no clogging, jamming, etc, and can even close tight on solids.

EN-Series pinch valve is bidirectional and full bow. In the open position the valve will be as part of the pipe line, but when closed the simple standard mechanical operation using double pinch bar mechanism to compress the elastomer sleeve from top and bottom closing simultaneously at the center to provide a bubble tight shutoff.

The RHINOFLEX EN-Series pinch valve is available with Ductile iron body fully flanged to suite all standard drilling patterns (ANSI, BS, TABLE B/E, DIN etc.). Both manual hand wheel operations and pneumatic linear actuator type of operators are available. With instrumentation this valve can be used very successfully as a Control Valve. The Elastomer sleeve materials are available in Pure Gum Rubber, Natural Rubber, SBRT, Neoprene, Buna-N, Butyl, Hypalon, EPDM, and Viton depending upon the application as required.

  • 100% Full Bore - Full Flow
  • Bi- Directional use
  • Bubble tight shutoff even on solids
  • No Packing less maintenance
  • Will NOT Clog / Self Cleaning
  • On-Off or Control Service
  • Fast and Easy Sleeve Replacement
  • Sleeves engineered for every application
  • Fully Flanged / Drilled to ALL Standard drilling patterns
  • Mineral Concentrates, Slurry Lines, Tailings
  • Flotation cells, Thickener / Clarifier underflow
  • Cyclone Control/Isolation
  • Dewatering/Sludge disposal
  • Lime Transfer/Abrasive Corrosive Chemicals
  • Power stations/ Fly Ash / Bottom Ash
  • Mineral Sands/Gravel/Cement
  • Pneumatic Conveying/Dry Hoppers

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