P-Series Pinch Valve

The RHINOFLEX "P" SERIES, pneumatic-hydraulic Pinch Valve, is designed especially for highly abrasive and aggressive applications.

The valve comprises of a tailor made re-enforced elastomer sleeve, encased in a high-grade, cast ductile iron body. The elastomer sleeve is the only wetted part.

The inside cavity between the sleeve and the wall of the body, acts as a Built-In Actuator.

Compressed air or Hydraulic Oil is used to operate the valve as a "Control" valve or "On-Off " service, and the central portion of the sleeve collapses, gas tight even on solid particles. Pressure is released to open the valve.

This valve is extremely simple, cost effective and surprisingly versatile.

  • Easily Interchangeable with standard Diaphragm Valves
  • No moving parts, only one wear resistant elastomer sleeve.
  • Will not Clog, Self Cleaning.
  • Drop tight closure around solid particles.
  • Full Bore, Full Flow.
  • Minimum Pressure Drop.
  • Inexpensive Air / Hydraulic actuation
  • ON-OFF or Control Service.
  • Fast and Easy Sleeve Replacement and Servicing.
  • Mineral Concentrates, Slurry Lines, Tailings
  • Flotation cells, Thickner / Clarifier underflow Cyclone Control / Isolation
  • Dew watering / Sludge disposal
  • Lime Transfer / Abrasive Corrosive Chemicals
  • Power stations / Fly Ash / Bottom Ash
  • Mineral Sands / Gravel / Cemen
  • Pneumatic Conveying / Dry Hoppers
  • Water/Waste Water/Sewage/Effluent
  • Inks / Blood / Food / Wine / Beverages / Pulp / Paper / Starch

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