RHINOFLEX "SERIES RFJ" Jacketed Inline Check Valves



The Rhinoflex Series RFIN-J (Jacketed) INLINE Duckbill check valve is a one way non return valve that are designed and engineered for higher pressures, with a built-in flange that are part of the one piece elastomeric valve. This model is suitable when there is a requirement that prevents backflow, inside a pipe line. Suitable for higher line and back pressures.

It consists of an egg/dome shape cast housing, made from Aluminum or Cat Iron, and the Inline Duckbill check valve is inserted inside the housing. This enables the valve to be mounted in between two mating cast body halves, using the flanges on the valve body, there by having the duckbill valve inside the cast housing.

These are custom made from a variety of elastomeric rubbers, and built as per the application and the line pressure and back pressure concerned. They are available in all standard pipe sizes, and typical application is back flow prevention downstream of a pump.

With these duckbill check valves, there are no flaps or gates, seats or seals, springs or hinges that are mechanical and will rust, corrode, fall off or malfunction. The duckbill gives reliable, repeatable service for many years, and requires no additional power source to operate the valve.


  • Full rubber construction, totally wear resistant to abrasives
  • No water hammer and noise, prevents back flow
  • No energy costs, actuation or maintenance
  • Valve will not deform or freeze
  • Easily exchangeable with other check valves
  • Designed to suit all diameters and pressure ratings
  • Quiet operation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Design prevents backflow
  • Will seal around solids
  • Designed to withstand wear
  • Tough enough for abrasive slurries


Sewer Interceptors
Wet Wells
Mine Tailing Systems
Scrubber Systems
Outfall Lines
Wet/Dry Wells

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